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Blindware’s WireGuide system promises energy savings

The external blinds absorb and reflect the heat away from the window glass and help prevent heat entering the home, says Blindware managing director Grant Norton.

“Blindware’s WireGuide system takes the simplicity of indoor chain operated blinds outdoors,” he says. “This easy to raise and lower system is chain operated and replaces the traditional unwieldy and long crank handles of years gone by. It also operates with an optional spring assist mechanism, providing lighter lift effort even for larger outdoor blinds.”

“Uniquely designed brackets and integrated wire tension system help the guide wires remain taut. This is imperative to keep the blind secure and provide long-term fabric stability for the life of the blind.”

“We understand end customers often wish to touch and feel a product, and for this reason we have created a fully operational WireGuide display board,” says Norton.

“Retailers can use the miniature WireGuide display board to demonstrate the WireGuide’s features and benefits to end customers, so customers can experience how easy it is to operate the WireGuide blind system first hand.”

The Blindware WireGuide system gives customers the choice of whether the system is face mounted or mounted within a reveal.

“A reveal mounted WireGuide blind system will not protrude from the outline of the window and blends with the lines of the window, reducing light gaps and heat transfer from the sun onto the window surface, keeping inside cooler,” says Norton.

“Customers want quick and convenient operation. Our WireGuide takes the hard work out of lifting traditional outdoor roller blinds using a crank and replaces it with a chain operated clutch which aids lifting at a ratio of 2:1,” says Norton. “A RollEase externally-rated clutch has corrosion-resistant stainless steel springs inside for reliable, long-life operation; and a stylish and heavy duty bottom bar with removable end caps.”

The Blindware WireGuide system can also be motorised, giving customers ultimate control of the blind at the touch of a button without the need to venture outdoors.

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