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Blindware has 320cm blinds covered

Blindware’s SunBloc is available in 320cm and 250cm roll widths, confirms Blindware managing director Grant Norton.

“A blockout width of 320cm makes a fabricators job easier, reducing the need to rail-road fabric or split blinds into two.”

“Another benefit of SunBloc is its flock coat which adds softness and suppleness to the fabric to help the SunBloc roll smoothly and quietly off the tube,” says Norton. The fabric is also a 100 per cent blockout, with inside black layer. Blindware has also made the fabricator and customer’s decision-making process easier by designing a well thought out one swatch solution.

“Our revolutionary new fabric swatch integrates Picturesque+ and SunBloc into one convenient and smart swatch. Customers will appreciate the colour and width-matched SunBloc fabrics that complement the Picturesque+ 4505 and 4303 colour palettes.”

SunBloc is a 100 per cent polyester base cloth that is knife-coat acrylic backed. It is a 1x1 plain weave and has been anti-bacterial treated to inhibit the growth of mould and/or mildew and is colour fast rated (Blue Wool scale): >5. Picturesque+ 4505 and 4303 are available in 12 colours. Picturesque+ 4505 is a PVC coated polyester sunscreen with 5 per cent openness. It comprises 30 per cent polyester, 70 per cent PVC, is FR rated to AS1530Pt3 and roll widths include 200cm, 250cm and 320cm.

Picturesque+ 4303 is a 2x1 weave, PVC coated polyester sunscreen that features a slightly textured appearance with a 3 per cent openness to provide a clear view to outside. It comprises 30 per cent polyester, 70 per cent PVC, is FR rated to AS1530Pt3 and roll widths include 250cm and 320cm.

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