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Blindware launches motorised option

Set to launch in July, the motorised option will include an inbuilt clutch for manual retraction upon loss of power, auto start when fabric is pulled either to open or close, RF wireless and dry contact hardwired remote control, confirmed Blindware director Grant Norton.

Other features included the fact that tracks could be bent and used in single or tandem motor configurations, he said.

Blindware’s Motolux motorised tracks were attracting strong interest from consumers increasingly well informed about the product, Norton said, adding that while traditionally such systems were the exclusive domain of a small number of expensive suppliers, motorised curtains were increasingly accessible to a broader market.

“There are significantly more suppliers coming into the market and system prices are dropping quite fast.”

Going forward, the category looked set to adapt to changing demand, Norton said.

“There is a lot of interest in motorised tracks being more decorative, and offering a wider ability to be used with other types of fabric hanging systems such as Ripple Fold, as well as perhaps the ability to handle even larger fabric weights.”

For the latest updates on curtain tracking innovations, see the July 2011 edition of Window Furnishings Australia magazine.

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