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Blindware to release variable openness sunscreen from Copaco

Ombra DLS (Dynamic Light Solutions) offers a wide variety of openness factors in a single solution. Exclusive and proprietary to Copaco, the fibres used in Ombra DLS offer insulation and light control, enabling the screen not only to move and down, but to adjust its openness, lighting control and energy consumption.

The specially designed elastic fibres, which meet high UV stability requirements, mean the PVC-free fabric can return to its original state after stretching numerous times, by as much as 150 per cent. The product offers flexible openness ranging from one per cent to as much as 40 per cent.

Blindware, which distributes Copaco products throughout Australasia via Melbourne company Copaco Pacific, a joint venture between Blindware and Copaco N.V. of Belgium, confirmed the product was likely to be commercialised by the fourth quarter of this year.

“We think we can generate high volume sales, especially in commercial project work. We will be seeking to establish a pilot project, probably in Europe, before the technology can be released to the wider market,” said Blindware’s Grant Norton.

“What makes Ombra DLS different is that the openness, and hence heat and light control characteristics, can be adjusted and optimised to suit specific conditions at any given time. This adjustment is achieved by elongation of the fabric in the vertical direction by the application of tension at one end, such as by winding the fabrics around a motorised head roll system.”

Ombra DLS was successfully launched at R+T Stuttgart in 2012 as a concept product, along with several new technologies from Copaco. These include: widest width capability - 3.20 and even 3.50 metre wide sunscreen manufacturing capability; Cult – the latest trends and designs in one innovative collection, featuring new marketing positioning and collateral; Screendécor - comprising embroidered sunscreen fabrics; Small Batch – a unique low volume custom colour option for sunscreen fabrics; Metal – an extensive range of metallic sunscreen fabrics; Ulterio – a highly ecological and PVC-free fabric; and Cleanscreen – a cleaning agent specially designed for PVC screens.

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