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BMAA prepares to launch BERS

The full details of the BERS will be unveiled at Super Expo 2013 which is expected to occupy up to four pavilions at the Gold Coast Convention Centre from 5 to 7 June.

“We are almost ready to launch the scheme,” said Blind Manufacturers’ Association of Australia president Joe Turner.

At a recent BMAA board meeting, it was confirmed the BERS would apply to internal and external products including awnings and roller shutters. “It will be used for all products the BMAA represents,” Turner said.

BMAA members were recently invited to have six fabrics tested by laboratories in the US after they had contributed funds towards establishing the program over the past 10 years. “Many of the companies took up that offer,” Turner said. “Certainly, most of the big firms did.”

But after the program is introduced, it will be up to individual companies to have their fabrics tested. “When we introduce it in 2013, the laboratories in Australia will be able to do the testing at a reasonable cost,” he said. “And the results will come back to the BMAA to be energy rated.”

As only BMAA members will be eligible to participate in the scheme, Turner encouraged any other firms wanting to be a part of the program to join the organisation. He anticipated the scheme would provide an advantage to Australian manufacturers in the marketplace. “This should be a big boost to Australian manufacturers,” he said.

Meanwhile, he pointed to overwhelming interest in the Super Expo 2013 and said the response had validated the decision to combine the BMAA and the Specialised Textiles Association expos. Despite moving the venue from the popular Royal Pines Resort to the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, some 70 per cent of the stands were taken within the first two weeks of sale.

“Some exhibitors are taking 14 or 15 stands, each sized 3 x 3 metres,” Turner said. “One company booked 20 stands. And a lot have indicated they will have their spaces specially designed including one that is replicating its supplier stand from Stuttgart.” He expected the show to be sold out by Christmas with all of the sponsorship packages already been secured.

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