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Bricos celebrates home grown blind fabrics

“Australian-made products are popular for many reasons, not least the fact the locally manufactured blind fabrics are produced with a clear understanding of local needs including the fact that here in Australia our windows are generally larger, even in the cooler climates,” a statement from the company confirms.

“Australian manufacturers offer modern, technically advanced factories, an eye for detail and high standards of workmanship,” says Bricos national sales manager Mark Wood. “We recently reviewed the most-sought after blind fabrics in the Bricos range and the Australian-made textured fabrics were amongst the most popular.”

“It all started years ago when we introduced the Sienna range with its subtle texture, suede backing and anti-mildew properties.”

“Sienna is available in 280cm width and offers neutral tones consisting of two translucent and 12 blockout colours. This proven performer handles well, rolls and hangs beautifully and it isn’t affected by cupping. It may be railroaded and it is an installers dream as there is little, if any, need for tuning.”

At the other end of the texture scale, are the multi-tonal heavy jacquard weaves of two other Australian favourites; Scarborough and Sassari, he adds.

“Scarborough and Sassari are for those who are looking for a blind fabric that makes a stronger statement. At 3.0m width, both ranges are versatile and because they offer translucents that coordinate with the block out range, they allow for seamless flow from room to room.”

The most recent fabric inclusion in the Bricos roller roman and panel glide collection is Windsor.

“Offering a new style, sophisticated jacquard design that combines both vertical and horizontal textures and a colour palette that favours on trend grey undertones, Windsor offers something completely different.”

“Windsor has enjoyed an enthusiastic welcome to the market. It is a luxuriously textured fabric that appeals to a very broad audience - edgy modern apartment styling to more traditional or elegant interiors,” says Wood.

Windsor is available in eight colours - two translucent and six blockouts. At 3.0m in width, Windsor has a smooth block out coating that aids rolling and of course makes it easier to clean.

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