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Bricos launches wider width Romaline

“Now available in a wider 280cm measurement, Romaline offers even more flexibility for larger windows, while delivering two blinds for smaller windows with less wastage. Further, because of Romaline’s non-directional stability, it may even be railroaded for lining applications,” said Bricos Group national sales manager Mark Wood.

Regarded as among the most versatile fabrics in the window covering market, Romaline is a premium, stiffened polyester blockout Roman Blind lining that doubles as a quality entry-level Roman or Roller Blind fabric.

The 100 per cent polyester base cloth does not absorb moisture and with zero shrinkage is also completely stable. A sanitised fabric featuring anti-fungal and anti-mildew qualities, Romaline is a strong seller in climates with higher humidity or for application in wet areas such as bathrooms or laundries.

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