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BUZ Retail goes 24/7

“BUZ Wholesale has been a 24/7 operation for more than five years, with customers managing their orders at a time to suit them. Now BUZ Retail offers the same high availability,” a BUZ spokesperson confirmed.

“Now while you and your team are at home, BUZ is still working! Why not give it a try? Put up one product with a limited range of colours and watch the orders roll in. These days the decision to purchase is often spontaneous; a discussion at the dinner table becomes a decision to replace that damaged old blind. Consumers go to their computer, pick what they want and pay for it immediately using PayPal.”

“The shopping cart data will then flow into our already tried and tested ordering system, the order will be receipted and you will have not had to enter any of the customer's order or details as they have done it for you.”

“Time is money and this is a great time saver.”

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