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Campaign & collateral for HD fabrics

The Fabrics Made for Living brochure, designed to sit inside the Hunter Douglas Demonstration Kit, covers the four main benefits of Hunter Douglas Fabrics; stain resistance, an in-built hygiene function, fade resistance and fire retardancy. It also contains the Hunter Douglas Fabric Selector table, designed to assist customers in selecting the right fabric to suit their lifestyle.

The Hunter Douglas’ Duraguard Fabric Protector is the key to stain resistance, says marketing manager Amelia Clements. “Duraguard Fabric Protector effectively prevents stain causing agents with its proven, water based and preventative formula. Stains from window condensation, accidental spills and dirty finger marks don’t stand a chance with Duraguard Fabric,” says Clements. “Importantly, both sides of the fabric are treated to ensure the end product is completely protected.”

The Hunter Douglas Demonstration Kit, which comes with one pack of Fabrics Made for Living brochures, also contains two cleaning demonstration bottles and sample fabric in a display box that folds out into a pop-up stand on a counter top.

“Simply fill the demonstration bottles with coffee and water respectively, dropping these substances onto the supplied fabric samples,” Clements says. “You can then watch how the liquid beads on top of the fabric, preventing stains. Without this protection, stains are absorbed and look unsightly.”

Many Hunter Douglas fabrics are also treated with the Sanitized hygiene function.

“This keeps odours away, ensuring freshness in your home; stops mildew and fungi growing on your window coverings, keeping your home clean, and protects against the development of bacteria, ensuring wellbeing in your home.”

The Sanitized Antimicrobial Protection is free of harmful substances and is recommended by institutions for allergy sufferers, she adds.

Meanwhile all Hunter Douglas fabrics have been tested for colour or light fastness on a scale from one to eight, where eight is the most fade resistant. The Hunter Douglas quality standard is six and above. The Hunter Douglas Fabric range also features a wide variety of fire retardant fabrics, Clements says. “These fire retardant fabrics have been designed specifically to inhibit the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire.”

“The fabrics are independently tested in accordance with the Australian Standard, providing a solution that is not only fashionable, but safe.”

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