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Green shutters from CW Products

SolarSmart is a roller shutter automation system independent of mains power, that harnesses the suns energy through solar cells positioned on the shutter pelmet or near the shutter, which charges a battery system that in turn supplies power to a DC motor for automation.

“The SolarSmart system utilizes the latest in sophisticated electronics to manage the charging of the advanced battery system and is controlled via a specialized wireless remote control transmitter,” says CW Product’ Danny Elassaad.

“This all means an easier, more cost effective, environmental and efficient way to operate roller shutters, not to mention an easier way to install motorised roller shutters.”

“The SolarSmart solar panels are an aluminium framed amorphous type which have excellent power output even in cloudy conditions, but must be directly exposed to sunlight in normal sunny conditions.”

North, east and west facing orientations require 1 solar panel while south facing orientations require 2 solar panels for optimum performance. The solar panels come supplied with 2 brackets which allow the panels to be attached flat to the pelmet or wall, or to the required angle to ensure maximum power performance.

“With all solar panel installations, all wires must be protected from UV radiation and the weather with all drill holes well sealed.”

“The SolarSmart system incorporates the stylish Maxim Radio Transmitter and is available in both 1 Channel and 6 Channel options. Both transmitters are powered by a 3 Volt Lithium button battery,” Elassaad adds.

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