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Horiso’s wireless systems targets consumers

Known for manufacturing shading systems such as external venetian blinds, shading tension systems and rack arm systems for the residential and commercial markets, Horiso’s engineering arm has also been successfully producing highly effective shading control systems.

“The trademarked Climate Ready Control Systems consist collectively of motor controllers and other hardware and software packages,” said Horiso’s director of engineering Neil Krotzsch. “The control systems are capable of integration with any motorised shading product. Apart from operating single or linked shading products to optimise solar control in response to weather conditions, the systems can achieve synchronised operation if other home automation systems such as home entertainment, lighting, air conditioning or security are activated. The Horiso Climate Ready Control Systems can be installed in a wireless or hardwired format or a combination of both.”

Described as “Horiso’s most sophisticated wireless system” is the EZ1 D. “The EZ1 D wireless control system once implemented has a multitude of features resulting in advanced functionality with outstanding benefits,” said Krotzsch. “No other system matches this. We are enabling users to have preferential control...”

Meanwhile the Horiso CRCS EZ1 D wireless control system is already being installed in new high-rise commercial buildings and offers benefits to both the residential and commercial markets.

To clarify the complexities of residential choices and configurations, Horiso offers a package of information providing solutions for a wide range of scenarios.

“The process involves questioning the home owner about their pre-existing situation and then establishing the options. For instance, if a home has an existing home automation system, such as C-Bus, Dynalite or Creston, can a shading operating system be networked without huge costs and what are the control device choices? The answer is yes, integration can be achieved easily and the control options include unlimited remote access via apps on iPhone, iPad and other smart devices. This means that owners can prepare their homes for return by operating their home automation systems even if they happen to be overseas.”

Other benefits of the Horiso CRCS EZ1 D control system lie in its componentry and installation. The system requires significantly less wiring than other control system installations meaning reduced electrical costs, installation costs and fault or maintenance difficulties.

“Overall, Horiso can provide control solutions for any situation, whether it is for one shading product or multiple, linked or unlinked and provide user preference control within your home or remotely. Securing, increasing privacy, insulating and /or reducing energy costs are now at finger control on your favourite device.”

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