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Hunter Douglas hails successful Q&A events

Over 60 guests were seated for the unveiling of the custom trailer and a detailed presentation on the new Quantum Roller Blind Hardware and the Alpha Awning Series, which were designed in Belgium and Germany before being perfected in Australia.

Guests were welcomed by Hunter Douglas national sales manager, Ken Verdon.

“If I had to describe Quantum Roller Blind Hardware in a nutshell I would say it has a sleek finish combined with uncompromising core strength and double flexibility. We wanted to make a system that is superior to our competitors and bring you the best of the best from around the world, and that’s what we’ve delivered,” he said at the launch.

Product specialist Kane Fuessel then led the guests through a detailed overview of each of the hardware components of the new Quantum Roller Blind Hardware before inviting them to the trailer to “touch, feel and create” with a hands-on learning experience.

“It’s really about giving the fabricators and installers everything they need; universal parts and a quicker and easier one-person installation process, with all parts required coming in the one package,” said Fuessel. “Chains are now shipped detached from the blind so that the chain cannot mark the fabric. This also makes the packing process more efficient. For commercial jobs, the brackets and chain mechanism can be installed first, then it’s just a matter of popping on gloves and installing the blind component. Basically we’ve made life easier than it used to be and that’s why I refer to it as the dream product for installers.”

“This system really comes into its own when you consider the various options and capabilities it has. A new locking ring locks the blind easily into position, meaning that it cannot be pulled down accidentally, removing a common safety concern, while still allowing easy access for the installer to unlock the ring and make adjustments as needed. The new, innovative linking system is up to three times cheaper than competitor brands while reducing the light gap for the end consumer and the number of chains required.” In addition, Kane alluded to the upcoming launch of low cost motors, giving all fabricators more choice in terms of price points for their end customers.

The trailer was later repositioned to showcase phase two of the Alpha Awning Series. Ken Verdon once again welcomed back guests and commented “You all know Alpha Awning Series as it has been in the market for a little while now. Once again, we have taken the best practice knowledge from around the world and combined that with what you, our customers, have told us and we present to you today a new and improved system.”

Ellis Mitchell, who was tasked as product manager for the complete development of the Alpha Awning Series, took guests through a detailed presentation before once again inviting customers to touch, feel and create with the awnings on display.

The 5 in 1 Awning Series, which consists of Straight Drop, Cable Guide, Side Retention System (SRS), Deep Channel and Pivot Arm Awnings, features key improvements in the hardware, such as a universal bracket which is also longer and stronger and a third locking option for brickwork.

“The purpose of the improvements to the Alpha Awning Series has been to give our customers the option for different price points and different operating systems. We now have a series of products that offer maximum options with minimum inventory.”

“At Hunter Douglas, we never rest – as we unveil phase two, we are already thinking about phase three and listening to our customers about what they want. As the technology continues to improve, we look forward to being the first to bring the latest options to the market, at the right time and the right price,” concluded Mitchell.

Q&A events are also taking place in Sydney and Melbourne, with the trailer then making a national tour to fabricators’ factories, where the products will be unveiled and the trailer showcased, complete with built-in BBQ, plasma screen for presentations and working mini samples.

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