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Innovations unveiled at Mermet

“These recent innovations to the Mermet collection are designed to help customers find the right fabric with the perfect texture, transparency and technical properties – making it easier for customers to control the interaction of light and shade in their environment and create living and working spaces that are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.”

Mermet Australia has designed a new sample box that combines the Cachet and Classic collections into one simple, streamlined showcase. The new sample box is arranged by fabric, making it easier for customers to choose from hundreds of smart and sophisticated colours, textures and transparencies.

“We listened to our customers. They kept telling us they needed to find the fabric first, then select the colours that were right for the room,” explains Mermet product manager, Quynhanh Ngo. “This new sample box represents a huge leap forward for us, a real change in how we organise our collection. We hope it makes it easier for our customers to explore the full range of textures, transparencies and colours we have developed.”

Key benefits of the Mermet fabric collection box are that all fabric ranges, including internal and internal fabrics and the Cachet + Classic collections, can be fitted into one box. In addition the pocket inserts serve two purposes: to fill the gaps for future new fabrics and to house all types of Mermet product brochures and warranty cards.

Mermet has also extended its range of fabrics for blinds with the design, development and manufacture of five brand new fabrics, which have been launched over the past five months.

“These new fabrics complete the Cachet and Classic collections. We wanted to give our customers lots of choice by presenting them with a huge range of beautiful and clever fabrics that let light in when you need it, while also providing privacy and protection from the sun.”

She also confirmed that two of Mermet’s most popular fabrics, the E-Screen and M-Screen, are now manufactured right here in Australia.

“With the manufacture of the M-Screen and E-Screen relocated to Australia, 80 per cent of Mermet fabrics are now made in Australian mills, with the remaining 20 per cent of fabrics rigorously tested in Australia to ensure they meet the unique challenges of our harsh conditions.”

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