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Luxaflex innovates external shading solutions

The range’s five new styles - Evo STC, Evo Channel, Evo Cable, Evo Drop and Evo Pivot –offer different guiding options and a choice of motorised or manual crank control with or without a head box.

Luxaflex marketing manager Jenny Brown, points out the key features of the new range.

“Designed and engineered in Australia, these awnings have been made to take the next evolutionary step for this category, specifically with Australian weather, housing and competitor products in mind. From windy coastal regions to enclosing an outdoor living space with no gaps to control insects, we have designed these awnings with clever solutions to overcome many of the limitations of other systems currently available.”

“The Evo STC is a tension system holding the fabric secure in the side channels. It is ideal in windy conditions as the fabric can’t blow out of the channel. Ideal for enclosing courtyards, patios or balconies, essentially adding an extra room, and therefore value to a home.”

“The Evo STC eliminates light gaps and has minimal fabric build-up due to an innovative tube reducer, ensuring the fabric rolls up symmetrically for an improved appearance. It features a unique floating insert in the side channels to allow some movement and clever sound bumpers to minimise noise in windy conditions. “

“The Evo Channel eliminates light gaps with a significant fabric length inserted in the side channel and comes with a locking pin option which allows the awning to be secured at various heights, for maximum control.”

“Featuring stainless steel cables, the Evo Cable Awning is perfect for coastal homes. This sturdy system not only provides UV protection and air flow, it is very durable and is the best option when fixing a channel to a wall is not possible. The new cable is easier to fit and tension.”

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