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Luxaflex Window Fashions’ child safety campaign

The campaign is aimed at making consumers, architects, designers and customers aware of child safety and window treatments via advertisements, point of sale materials, publicity and PR, as well as free consultations from Luxaflex Window Fashion Galleries nationally and launches in May 2014.

The brand is also working with its entire distribution network in the lead up to the campaign launch this month, to ensure awareness and education across the industry.

“Luxaflex Window Fashions has always been compliant with Australian legislation in the area of child safety and wish to raise awareness of this important issue with parents across Australia, to prevent any future incidents, and to preserve the reputation of the Window Furnishings industry,” said Jenny Brown, marketing manager of Luxaflex Window Fashions.

To win back consumers’ vote of confidence, the child safety awareness campaign focuses on a checklist for parents, available in Luxaflex Window Fashions Galleries, David Jones stores or complete with a video via the Luxaflex website.

Number one on the list is to check all blind and curtain cords, and safely secure any loose cords out of reach of children, ensuring all blinds are installed correctly, with compliant child safety devices.

“The important point here is to check all cords that the child could come into contact with, including on holidays or at a friend or relative’s home. It is important to check for loose or looped cords that the child can reach from the floor, or by climbing on furniture,” said Brown.

Next on the agenda is to ensure customers are choosing safe blinds and curtains, with the checklist guiding them on criteria and considerations, when choosing new window fashions.

Another important point on the checklist concerns keeping children away from all window cords by moving any household items that the child could use to sit, stand or climb on to access window cords.

Brown pointed to innovations in the area of child safety including cordless operating systems such as motorised Shades, LiteRise Lifting Systems, Vertiglide Operating Systems, PowerRise Lifting Systems, wand control systems, winch or tape systems. “Luxaflex Window Fashions leads the way in home automation, with new technologies allowing blinds to be controlled with the touch of a button, or wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet, further improving child safety.”

“All Luxaflex Window Fashions Gallery owners are trained to communicate the tips to customers and enquiring parents, as well as communicate the benefits of upselling to motorised blinds,” said Brown.

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