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Mermet's Tanami blackout

Available in a colour palette of 13 hues, covering popular choices including classic whites and neutrals, browns and chocolates, as well as greys and charcoals, the range is also offered in additional on trend colours to suit any décor or style.

A practical blackout solution for roller blinds, roman blinds and panel glides, the fabric is available in a 2.8 metre width suitable for both commercial and residential applications, with fire retardant certification and three year warranty.

Tanami is a part of Mermet’s Cachet Collection, which offers a complete selection of decorative translucent and blackout fabrics. The range offers fabrics of textural variation and depth as well as simple and sleek designs.

All fabrics in the Cachet collection are available in widths of 2.7 metres to 3 metres to cater for wide windows.

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