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New Acmeda system bigger than ever

“Combining strength with style, the system offers the ability to achieve up to 6 metre widths, and features robust hardware, providing a solution for significantly heavier and impressive shading systems.”

“The perfect solution for both internal and external applications, domestic or commercial, the Extreme Roller Blind System creates a new opportunity to achieve greater, grander beautiful blinds.”

Key features of the system include: three choices of tubes: 110mm, 130mm, or 160mm tube diameter; the ability to achieve spans of up to 6 metres and drops of up to 10 metres; powder coated robust and secure die cast brackets; heavy duty weight bar; aesthetically pleasing design; external grade, UV stable hardware; motorised or crank control; and solutions for top/face and side fix applications.

Acmeda’s Extreme Roller Blind System is available from September 2012.

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