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New Living with Charles Parsons

These include two Jacquards Cocetta and Sophia as well as a low luster sheer Verona.
“Concetta, is a highly decorative flamboyant jacquard available in a muted colourline of eight, is 55 percent cotton, 45 percent polyester and comes in a 145cm width,” says Charles Parsons Product Manager Michelle Greeves.
“Sofia, is a combination of silk and polyester yarn creating a pixilated jacquard mixing classic design with modern technology.
Available in 11 colours, Sofia is a 70 percent polyester 30 percent silk blend and comes in a 138cm width.
“Verona is a tissue soft, low lustre sheer in 300 cm continuous with weighted hem.”
“Verona is available in 17 colours, and is 100 percent polyester,” Greeves adds.

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