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New Releases Chime With Latest Trends

“Heimtextil is a fantastic platform for likeminded professionals in the industry to come together to really learn, adopt and recognise the way the industry and consumers are shifting from a trend perspective,” says Patricia.

“The key theme for Heimtextil 2017/2018 centred on ‘exploration’. With what is happening on a social level in the world, this appeal is awakening a fresh desire to rediscover the human spirit of exploration. Driven by this vision, we saw the melding of new materials, textures and elements that bring innovation and technology to life at the trade fair, which helped to provide new creative impetus for our team.”

“The deep dive into exploring the digital and virtual world and the limitless possibilities of digital printing and patterns stood out the most for me. Thanks to technology, roller blinds are a lot more versatile in terms of their design aesthetic compared to before, offering innovative ways that fabrics can now be portrayed.”

“People are not only experimenting with colour, but they’re also looking at texture printing and how yarns are woven. At Heimtextil, I saw a lot of botanicals and florals coming through, and while white is still a number one choice for many, the difference is that now there is a lot of depth that can be achieved with the advancement in digital printing.”

“We are starting to see this shift even with the Australian consumer. Once a little more reserved from an interior design point of view, they are now getting off the conservative bandwagon and are really starting to embrace patterns, colours and digital prints in their home.

“The release of our first digital print collection of the Luxaflex Marblo, Prismatic and Aria Botanics designer fabrics late last year has been a phenomenal success,” says Seoudi. “From sophisticated marble to metallic-printed botanic prints through to a fun splash of colour for the kids’ rooms, we are proud to be market entrepreneurs with these types of products and help raise the standard across the industry.”

“Our dealers take a huge amount of comfort in the fact that the Luxaflex Window Fashions brand constantly strives to innovate and be at the forefront of the industry from a design point of view. Our team takes great pride in always finding new and different ways to do things in order to truly make an impact in the market and continue to bring the brand forward to ensure its best-inclass.”

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