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R+T Asia 2012 launches

Next year’s event would include a number of highlights, a statement from organisers confirmed. These included six main display areas divided by product type, established in response to visitor feedback.

The display areas were: the shading products and fabric display area (N1 Hall); door, gate, and gate controls display area (N2 Hall); power and control system display area (N2 Hall); energy-saving window door display area (N3 Hall); window adornments and accessories display area (N3 Hall); and processing machinery display area (N3 Hall).

The window door display area’s energy saving flavour was particularly topical, due to architectural policies introduced by the Chinese Government, with window and door energy efficiency a top priority in new building standards, organisers confirmed.

The year 2012 also marked the triennial Europe-China ‘uniexpo’. R+T Stuttgart would be held three weeks earlier than R+T Asia in 2012 and during the R+T Stuttgart period, the Shanghai R+T window, door and sun-protection purchasing list would be handed out to all exhibitors and visitors. It was expected that the substantial visitor following of R+T Stuttgart would also enhance R+T Asia’s profile.

Attracting more than 13,000 trade visitors every year from China and international countries, R+T Asia is a hub for manufacturers, retailers, dealers, architects, property developers and engineering project companies.

Leading brands associated with R+T Asia include OMC, Xidamen, Yongshun, Zhenfei, Guanhao, Yuma, Qingying, Yameite, Zhongyang, Alulux, Activa, Baisheng, Xianfeng, Seaside, Did, Sommer, Minghe, Juguang, Superego, Seagate, Somfy, Dooya and Nice.

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