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Research delivers for software partners

Daryl Saunders from Software Partners says that the company has recently upgraded its Web Ordering Module.

“For some time now, wholesale manufacturers using Buz and their customers, window furnishing retailers, have been entering orders that go directly into the Production system.”

“In addition to orders, now product requirements can be entered, a quote obtained and, when the quote is successful, it can be converted to an order for processing.”

“Customers are then able to monitor and track the progress of such orders through the factory and despatch, increasing overall efficiency.”

An exciting development for the Buz software is the usilisation of the popular navigation system of Google Maps.

“Now that we are incorporating Google Maps in Buz, the proximity of sales rep appointments to the new appointment are colour-coded in the appointment screen to optimise and aid travelling time between appointments.”

“With the help of Buz, getting around has never been easier,” Saunders says.

Buz also has another new feature, whereby a photo of each installation can be taken and then notes added for ease of manufacturing and installation.

“When Buz is used on a Motion tablet, which has an inbuilt camera, this is absolutely no problem at all,” Saunders explains.

“These photo instructions can then be passed onto the supplier or production to ensure correct manufacturing and then onto the installer to explain and clarify the sales rep’s intention using a highly visual, functional format.”

“This is one innovation where the age-old adage of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ really rings true and has become one of our customers’ favourite features.”

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