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Sekers’ Ikat print blends old and new

The Ikat print was created to add a contemporary twist to an age old style, a statement from Sekers confirmed.

“The word Ikat means ‘to bind’. It stands as one of the oldest forms of textile decoration and is an almost universal weaving style common to many world cultures. It is not known exactly where the Ikat technique originated, but it is seen in many cultures throughout the world. Traditionally Ikat was seen as a symbol of status, wealth, power and prestige. Because of the time and skill involved in weaving Ikat, some cultures believe the cloth is imbued with magical powers.”

A modern take on the Ikat style, the latest print release from Sekers is offered in three colours; Charcoal, Dill and Otter. Sekers’ new range also features a contemporary Jacobean print in two colours and a novelty print featuring butterflies and birds.

A distributer of luxury, high-end, European decorative fabrics to customers throughout New Zealand and Australia, Sekers’ fabric collections are designed for both residential or commercial settings, and are applicable to a wide range of furnishing end-uses including curtains, cushions, bed throws and upholstery.

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