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Sekers opens up in Hawthorn

Located at 303 Auburn Road, Hawthorn, the store opened for business on 11 July 2011, confirmed Basford Brands’ Michelle West.

“Hawthorn has become a real hub for designers, with the emergence of many new showrooms in the area, so it is the place to be.”

“All our Sekers products are on show with full one metre sample drops, which gives the customer a real idea of the design and colour,” she said.

With Sekers the distributor of a number of international brands, the showroom was an ideal way to bring the full fabric range to its target audience, she said, adding key brands in the Sekers stable and on display in the new showroom would include Oxid, Nomaad, Viant and Q & Tru.

“Oxid is from Spain and offers customers everything from beautiful linens to exquisite velvets; Nomaad is from Greece and offers fantastic colour co-ordinated drapery and upholstery product; Viant from France offers sensational cotton prints and Q & Tru from England again offers many co-ordinated collections.”

“We also have all the Maurice Kain decorative products showcased and available in one metre sample drops.”

West said the showroom signaled the importance of a pro-active approach to market penetration.

“In a difficult market you cannot wait for it to get better, you must make it better. Bringing these new brands to the Australian market and opening the showroom highlights the commitment Basford Brands has to the furnishing market.”

“It allows our existing customers to use [the showroom] as an extension of their own business as well as developing new business with designers and architects. Having all our brands on display together really does present our customers with a one-stop-shop window furnishing solution including everything from sheers to decorative drapery, as well as upholstery for any domestic and commercial application.”

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