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Sky’s the limit with cloud computing from Buz Software

“With Buz Cloud you will have all the services that Buz offers without the hassle of having to run your own server. We offer a complete easy to use package for wholesale, retail and manufacturing made to measure companies,” says Buz Software’s Daryl Saunders.

“Buz Cloud features all the usual functions Buz offers: Leads, Rep Diaries, Quoting, Online Ordering and Quoting, Factory Work Sheets, Production Diaries, Installer Runs, Re-works, Invoicing and Sales Reports. We are also located in Australia for all your support needs.”

“Why not buy software that is future proof? Buz Cloud’s updates and support mean no hardware upgrades and no downtime (99.8 per cent uptime guarantee). Additionally, if the power fails in the office, sales representatives in the field keep going, wholesale orders keep coming in.”

“In addition, everyday backups are sent to another location just in case the impossible happens and the Cloud server dies; there are backup servers ready to kick in and take over immediately. Meanwhile the physical backups are in a safe place, ready to be used and keep you going.”

Saunders notes the considerable costs associated with running an in-house server 24/7.

“Once you have kept the hardware up to date and the software too, you need an uninterruptable power supply to keep it powered, air-conditioning to keep it cool and a secure area to make sure nobody interferes with the system.”

He also notes that ADSL2+ offers up to 24 megabits per second into an office but only up to 1 megabit per second going out of an office.

“So when your customers or in-home reps are trying to place orders, they are trying to get data from the office but it’s seriously restricted. In a cloud computing data centre the internet is an “equal opportunity” data provider and at speeds of up to 100 megabit per second both in and out.”

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