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Stylish roller systems from Windoware

Apart from being smooth operators, both the 38mm and 50mm systems are strong, durable and stylish.

The Windoware System features a steel barrel and three springs, making it stronger and more durable than many other clutches on the market.

To cater for the trend towards larger windows, Windoware has introduced our unique geared 50mm system.

"These heavy duty components will fit the 38mm and also the 50mm tube when using our crown adapter"

"The benefit of this is the flexibility and functionality created by being able to match tube sizes of large and small blinds in the same room. Alternatively you can use our geared clutches on smaller blinds for a luxurious feel."

"Another advantage is that these geared clutches also avoid the need for spring assist - you no longer need to stock fourdifferent types of springs."

"Windoware’s new quality hardware offers superior performance at competitive prices."

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