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TBS flexibility means customer-focused solutions

TBS director Craig Foster confirmed the company’s operations in China were a key part of its customer-centred product and service offer.

“The trend today is to source product offshore; in fact we have gone one step further by setting up our own manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China, run with western style management and controls. Our factory produces the majority of our curtain hardware from our Streamline, Renaissance, System 20, System 30, System 70 and System 90 ranges.”

“This gives us full control and flexibility when customers are after changes to existing designs and colours. In fact TBS is an OEM manufacturer of specifically designed curtain hardware products for some of the country’s biggest retailers.”

“We have national distribution and are able to supply our curtain hardware as made-to measure finished product to our customers’ specifications or bulk supply ex-stock. With this flexibility we have grown to become one of the nation’s largest wholesale suppliers of curtain hardware.”

An Australian owned company, TBS (Aust) Pty Ltd imports and wholesales curtain and blind hardware. The company has a strong focus on working alongside Australia’s largest architects, developers, commercial and domestic retailers, with an offer encompassing the full suite of products for any type of development.

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