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Technical Smarts Drive Business At Gracetech Textiles Australia

The company has foundations in the highly technical and demanding Automotive Textile Industry, which is where Managing Director Steven Montile says Gracetech developed the understanding of customers’ needs in terms of quality, price competitiveness and reliability.

“We believe that Gracetech has a modern, well thought out and consolidated range of fabrics, which means that we can ensure product availability as and when required.”

“We can’t be all things to everyone, but the things that we say we will do, we will do well and we will bend over backwards, to support those who support us,” Montile says.

Gracetech launched the Solar Cool screen fabrics in both 5% and 10% openness factors early in 2015. Montile says the fabrics have been well received and have cemented the company’s place as a solid supplier of quality products into the Australian marketplace.
“The company now looks forward over the next few months to launching further product ranges including entry level and high end Jacquard block-out fabrics as well as a range of technical fabrics suitable for commercial applications.”

“These will be well considered fabrics which will meet the aesthetic and performance requirements of our customers.”

“We will ensure once our customers commit to these ranges; reliability of quality and supply will be paramount,” Montile adds.

Montile says that as a new entrant to the industry it can often be difficult to get through the front door of established manufacturers.

“Ours, unfortunately, is seen very much as a commodity type product even though in textile terms, the fabric is still quite ‘technical’.”

“However, where we have had a chance to trial our fabric, invariably we have won the business.”

“The collective of quality, price, and service counts for a lot and that’s where Gracetech Textiles really does make sense.”

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