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TOSO targets retailers and manufacturers

TOSO Australia’s Malcolm Young said system, from leading Japanese manufacturer TOSO, offered a number of proven points of difference to the market: longevity and durability, fast gearing, smooth performance, light operation and availability as a single, dual or linked system.

In terms of benefits to the retailer, the product’s superior positioning and functionality gave retailers a point of difference against their competitors, Young said. “It also makes them appear more knowledgeable, as they are offering their customers options, rather than a standard blind.”

They could also compete against retailers selling other Japanese or European systems, “as they are offering a similar system, if not better, and the retail price could be over 40 per cent lower than those other systems.”

The Mytec roller system also gave retailers an opportunity to upsell to customers looking at purchasing blinds, “especially when the TOSO Mytec system is put side by side against a standard system in the showroom (with both chains in the middle) as the customer the difference in operation between the two systems can be clearly seen, which therefore gives more profitability on the sale if the upsell is successful.”

Retailers selling Mytec could also offer a system whose fast gearing meant it was still easy to raise and lower the blind even if the chain was 1600mm above the floor. The result was no requirement to install safety restraints, which can be impractical, for example when there are no mullions, and are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

“The system is also ideal for the aged, due to its lightness in operation, as every blind has a spring installed.”

“Retailers can also have their showroom details on the TOSO website, as a supplier of the system if they have a sample blind in the showroom. This will bring them additional enquiries as a result of any future marketing by TOSO.”

Meanwhile in terms of benefits to manufacturers, the system provided a key point of difference. “As a result, they can increase their account customers and overall sales, as some might not just come to them for a Mytec blind, but also might give them their business for other product needs. The result is increased profitability, plus the opportunity to make more profit (per blind) on the sale of a Mytec system due to its higher cost.”

“Being part of a select number of partners being able to offer the Mytec system in their range will be a key competitive advantage, as the system will only be available to a limited number of manufacturers.”

Other benefits to manufacturers include assistance in putting sample blinds into showrooms as springs, brackets and chain housings will be supplied at no charge for all sample blinds, and delayed payment terms for the initial stock orders.

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