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Ultracut release set to boost production

The Ultracut EzyStop utilises the latest servo motor technology to drive and position the backstop exactly every time the operator is able to achieve consistent cut lengths, Ultracut Industries director Garth Jacobs explains.

“This means that no longer will re-works or re-cuts be required due to misread measurements by the operator. Once set up the system will be accurate all the time to the millimetre. Most of us will know how expensive and troublesome it is to find out half way through the production of a blind that the fabric is cut correct but the aluminium tube is incorrect. This then takes extra labour to re-cut the tube and correct the issue. The Ezystop eliminates this problem altogether.”

“This system is also upgradable to incorporate electronic job sheets that can be simply imported from MS Excel via USB stick or Network. This further eliminates potential operator error as the cut sizes, material type and all job info are imported directly to the saw backstop machine. Once cut, a neat little label is also produced showing all job info and barcode tracking. Customers running management production software such as DBS (Drape and Blind Software) and web based ordering systems will really be able to take advantage of this system as the job data is mostly entered by the customer and it can then be sent straight to the machine, eliminating almost all chance of error.”

“The unique label system enables the label to be printed in real time and put on each piece as it has been cut, minimising the time taken to search through a pile of labels for the correct job, as is most commonly done today.”

The system is universal and can be easily mounted to any existing saw or bench.

“This enables Ultracut to supply all existing customers. It is literally a four bolt installation process,” says Jacobs.

“This is the last piece of the production machinery puzzle. We can now supply the best and most automated complete blind manufacturing system in the market.”

“For the past year we have been busy developing and updating our range of new machines that complement one another to provide a total Blind Manufacturing System that no one else can match.”

“Electronic jobs sheets, data import and automatic machines are key to staying competitive in this ever more complex world.”

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