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Unique features drive Alpha Motors’ sales

Alpha Motors’ South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania sales representative Simon Eales, confirms sales continue to rise thanks to a number of unique features. In particular Alpha’s 50 mm blind motor is selling strongly, with its special tensioning system well adapted to outdoor blinds, zip guided blinds and café blinds, themselves experiencing an upsurge of demand driven by the trend for alfresco living.

“The tensioning system is designed so the blind can be fastened at the bottom and then gently tensioned into the optimum position without putting any undue stress on the materials,” he confirms.

Other features of the product driving demand include its quality construction and finish, a seven year replacement warranty - two years more than the average five years for competing products in this category - and the attractiveness and functionality of Alpha Motors’ remote controls.

“These are genuinely the most attractive controls on the market. They look good and they handle with a solid, high quality feel. They also offer the easiest programming methods available. End users can group several blinds together quickly and easily, and they’re also extremely user-friendly in terms of re-programming.”

Designed for premium quality and consistency, Alpha Motors were extensively field tested using over 5000 motors with three major NSW companies prior to launching into the Australian market.

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