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Outstanding Showroom Space Open For Business

“We currently own the largest showroom in Australia with the most impressive fit out by far; by all accounts the interstate fabric reps that have seen the showroom definitely rate it as the best in the country,” says Kornblum Director Aaron Lecornu.

The site in Keswick, Adelaide, where the company has been located for the past 20 years, is among one of the best in Adelaide, he adds.

“It’s in a central location on Anzac highway next to the LeCornu Furniture centre with passing traffic of nearly 50,000 cars per day.”

But location is only part of the story; the showroom is also in a league of its own from a design point of view.

“Back in 2011 we decided we need to upgrade our showroom but wanted to make sure it was future proof, and at the same time that the design would be memorable, something that has never been done to that level before.”

“In early 2012 we started the design process for our new showroom with overseas company Vision Pacific. We worked with the designers in Hong Kong on the floor plan and flow of the showroom, making sure that clients could always see the displays to better compare different looks. We spent a lot of time looking at how to keep clients in the showroom longer, while also keeping them interested and excited about the process.”

Key elements of the resulting design include private selection booths, a central café, high-spec lighting and a kids’ play area. “When walking through the archway into the private selection area, you’re met with a five metre long, waist high selection table, which gives clients and their consultants the opportunity to spread out. You can then move into the private booths to further discuss any design ideas and specifications. Complete with TV screens for presentations and background lighting, it’s the perfect setting.”

Lighting is another key feature. “We felt we needed to draw clients into the back of the showroom and give them brilliant lighting to show off the true colour of the materials. The idea was to completely immerse them in our showroom so they almost forgot the outside world.”

“When installing the ceiling tiles we opted for a black ceiling around the entire showroom with black laser cut tiles. These were then staggered and stacked getting higher and higher towards the rear of the showroom at five metres high, with each tile suspended from six stainless steel cables. This not only draws the eye to the back of the showroom; the further you move into the showroom, the bigger the space gets, almost pulling you towards the rear.”

The showroom also includes a kids’ play area with options for watching TV or, for older kids, surfing the web and engaging in social media.

Digital signage around the entire space enables visual imagery and messaging to be continually updated, while stone tops, designer chairs and custom designed and made furniture complete the picture.
From its inception, the re-design was intended to future proof the business by offering a space with the potential for client leasing, says Aaron.

“When we decided to go ahead with the showroom we always knew we would only stay in retail for another three or four years as we were looking to transition into manufacturing. Throughout the design process we tried to think of how we could design and build a showroom at the forefront of the industry, something that clients would remember, that could grow a brand.”

As of late 2016 Kornblum has now completed its transition out of retail into manufacturing company Wholesale Blinds, a national window furnishings supplier.
Early 2017 saw a joint venture finalised with world leading window furnishings software company Windowware Pro that has anointed Wholesale Blinds the Australian and New Zealand owner of the software.

“It’s the most powerful easy to use software available for the industry,” says Aaron. Both android and apple app ready, Windowware Pro is the ultimate quoting and business management software. It allows users to increase efficiency, conversion and have complete transparency over their entire business from any device, any time, anywhere.”

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