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Visiontex Plus offers shade without boundaries

Visiontex Plus is a PVC coated high tensile polyester mesh designed for all outdoor applications, featuring 2 x 2 heavy gauge yarns and offering versatility for awnings, patios, pergolas, carports, verandas, canopies and sail structures.

Its high UV, Shade and Wind & Rain Block characteristics make it the ideal outdoor fabric for all weather applications. Fire rated and abrasion resistant, Visiontex Plus offers great shading solutions without restricting airflow or cross ventilation and comes with a five year performance warranty.

Visiontex Plus also complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standards and is free of harmful substances such as heavy metals including lead, cadmium, mercury and chromium.

Daniel Gollan, business manager, HVG Decorative Fabrics & Films, indicates Visiontex Plus’ broad colour range is a drawcard for customers.

“The Visiontex Plus colour palette includes such diverse colours as Carbon Black, Ivory, Neptune, Jamaica, Ice White and Evergreen to suit a variety of applications.”

HVG Fabrics also offers great cleaning solutions for Visiontex Plus featuring EasiClean and EasiGuard, products specifically designed to heighten the performance of Visiontex Plus. EasiClean is a spot remover that uses surfactants and hyper-wetting agents to lift and suspend oil, grease and dirt for easy rinse and removal. EasiGuard enhances the UV screening properties of Visiontex Plus without the use of silicon oils, waxes, glycerine or petroleum distillates.

HVG Fabrics has also developed a dedicated website, which includes a colour swatch display of each Visiontex product and illustrates the product’s texture, making it easy to select and order samples. Each product also has a datasheet available for download, featuring key product information including weight, width, colour and thread count.

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